I made this website to showcase some of my projects and the bands I currently play with.  I hope you find something here that inspires you to make something beautiful and interesting.

About Brian Hall

BA, B.Eng, M.Eng (Design)

I am a recent graduate of McMaster University where I collected the above set of letters over the past nine years.  I started at McMaster as a music major, but I made sure I could take plenty of electives.  I studied psychology, math, biology, botany, chemistry, astronomy, history, physics, music theory and performance on piano during my first two years.  I realized after the first two years that my biggest passion was creating things, and decided the best career for me would be in civil engineering.

McMaster has a great common first year engineering program where you are exposed to at least a bit of each engineering stream available, then apply to your choice in second year.  At that point I realized that robots were way more interesting than buildings and I chose the very new Mechatronics program, where I learned the core principles of mechanical, electrical and software engineering.

After graduation I worked for ProVantage Automation in Ancaster, a company that designs and integrates manufacturing automation systems.  After the internship was over, I went back to McMaster to complete a Master of Engineering Design in Product Design.

I currently work part time as a musician and a reservist with the Royal Canadian Navy.  Right now I’m working on a startup company that combines my love of music and advanced manufacturing.