Using PC Case Fans to Increase Ventilation

How I added some quiet air circulation to a room with no vents.

Right after painting my room in the new house I realized that it did not have a vent. This became problematic as the room had absolutely no air circulation if the door was kept shut.

Since the rooms adjacent to this one had no occupants I decided to do the easiest thing and just punch a hole through the walls, frame it in with two-by-fours and put a grille on either side. This helped a bit, but the air was still not being pushed through even with the door closed on the neighbouring room. So I decided to add a few case fans. With the silicone washers between them and the grille, the fans are practically inaudible running at their max 12V and now the air is flowing nicely through the room.  The fans also only draw 80mA each, meaning the whole thing uses less than 2 Watts.